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2021 marked the 300th Anniversary of Strode's Mill,
which is across Birmingham Road from
Strode's Barn.  2022 marks the start of fundraising for the historic barn.  Renovations have been designed by Dan Campbell.


 May 16, 2004 article from Daily Local News on history of Strodes Mill

Enjoy this Video Which Tells a Story About a Family Impacted by the Battle of the Brandywine

September 11, 1777 was a Thursday.  It was baking day for the Quaker families in Chester County, and as the Graves Family members were busy with their daily chores, they had little idea that the massive Crown forces would be marching through their 184 acres.  General Howe's flanking movement brought his troops past Strode's Mill toward Birmingham Hill and Sandy Hollow.  Farms and mills along their march experienced great losses.  Properties were plundered and lives impacted for years to come.  In this video, the Chester County Archives staff peel back the layers and study how the battle impacted on Chester County family.

Enjoy this interesting piece of local history.

Thank you to Chester County Archives who have shared the Graves Family story.

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