Task force unveils results of planning


Results of the Strode's Mill Barn Task Force are in, after months of work and discussions.

The group began by touring the property and assessing the existing conditions. It was clear to all that the newer, cinderblock building requires selective demolition to avoid total collapse--the sooner the better. 

The stone building, which is older, is in better condition. It will need a new shake roof and some masonry repairs, but can be saved. 

Architect Richard Buchanan supervised drawings of the existing conditions which provide an accurate baseline for all our projects going forward. In a nod to local sentiment, his team suggests replicating the famous "Scrapple" sign on the remaining building. 

The Township has also retained Natural Lands Trust for property assessment and maintenance planning relative to the agricultural easement on the property. NLT has begun their process of investigation and planning.

Specific uses of the property remain to be proposed, and will depend on easements, environmental requirements, and funding available from public and private sources.


The Task Force was composed by East Bradford to ensure wide and deep expertise in imagining the Barn's future. It includes three members of the Friends of Strodes Mill Board: Linda Kaat, Andy Schaum and Mary Sue Boyle, as well as architect Richard Buchanan, Jimmer Breen, Mark Hoopes, Mandy Cantlin, Mike Lynch, Barbara Rutz and Karen Marshall. 

Drawing of the Task Force's recommended future state of the barn. The older structure is retained and renovated for future use; the cinderblock structure selectively demolished. Natural Lands Trust has been retained to help imagine the future of the site's land and water resource.